Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kerri Leigh ROCKED US OUT!

Last night was definately epic. If you read my last post, I saw Eric Church the night before and let me tell you, it was weak and I left livid. Had to be at work at 8am and by 2pm I was crash and burn. Through the infamous @Katelvsnyy, I was introduced to Kerri Leigh via Twitter and after youtubing her (That does sound kind of dirty, I apologize in advance Kerri) I was impressed with her vocals enough to agree to go see her in action live.

Now, remember, I was a zombie by 2pm and her show wasn't until 9pm at The Bitter End down in the West Village. I didn't want to do the enery drink thing, so after I got off work at 5pm, I went to BK to see my friends Reckless Addicts and crashed on their bed until 7:30pm. (Trust me, all this background will get me to the point lol). After dragging myself up and heading back down to the city, my entourage of 3 canceled on me. So, now I had to stay awake, make it to the venue, and pay enough attention to blog about it the next day all by my lonesome.

When I got to The Bitter End, Drew Citron was performing and while the young lady is extremely talented, she was making my fellow barmen and I extemely sleepy. The guy next to me asked if I knew them and when I said no, he replied " Oh good, I hope the next act is a bit more upbeat because I am thinking about calling it quits. This girl put me to bed". I convinced him to stay and prayed that Kerri Leigh would deliver and not have me sneaking out the back hiding from this guy....

....AND BOY OH BOY DID SHE DELIVER! Kerri Leigh is a beautiful young woman with a powerful voice and an amazing stage presence. She sang and sang and danced and rocked and her band was just as amazing as her voice. I cannot believe she isn't signed to any major record label yet, but mark my words people, Kerri Leigh WILL BE. Her energy made me forget how tired I was and her music is the antidote to zombieism. Guess they should have just played her music in Resident Evil and everyone would have returned to normal.

By the end of her set, I was wide awake and ready to party! I got to speak with her briefly after the show and what made the night is that as beautiful as she is on the outside (and the woman is smoking people), she is just as beautiful on the inside. Check her out on Twitter @Kerrileighmusic and follow her so you can be at her next show.

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT on this young woman who is representing country music OFFICIAL! And I want to personally thank Miss Kerri Leigh. You definatley ROCKED US OUT.

Love and Respect,

American Leo

So the journey begins....

Hello world. Barely up and have to be at 'em in a couple of hours but the lack of sleep over the past few weeks has definately been worth it. Such a turn of events 2011 has been for me and who would have ever thought that me, I! would be a blogger. (Well, maybe my bestie knew, but that's what besties are for right?)

Well, what the hell do I have to add to the blogging world, pray tell? As a Leo, I hate to be forced into a specific box or told what to do. So, of course, my blog isn't about one specific thing or topic. It's about whatever I have experienced that has made me better, stronger, greater, happier, more content and satisfied in my life. Which of course, translates into Travel, Food, Relationships and Music lol. I will also throw in some current events and the like, as our country has also experienced some crazy happenings over the past few years.

People, it's all about growth. No matter how old you are, never feel it is too late. It is only too late when your dead. If you have air in your lungs and your brain is functioning, get out there and start your life journey. Try things you said you never would. Go places you never thought you could go. Meet new people that you never thought you would like (or maybe you even thought they would not like you, silly rabbit!) I can say that 2011 has been a year of extreme horrible but also extreme awesomeness personified.

So, thanks for reading and this journey begins...